A P2P client with even more options


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MLDonkey was originally intended as a pure eDonkey2000 clone, running on Unix and Linux, a sector that the original client never served well. But MLDonkey became better and better and now we can find a really good P2P client which can work on several networks.

MLdonkey is a multi-platform multi-networks peer-to-peer client. It was the first open-source client to access the eDonkey network. Today, MLdonkey supports several other large networks, among which Overnet, Bittorrent, Gnutella, Gnutella2, Fasttrack, Soulseek, Direct-Connect, and Opennap.

MLDonkey was the one which introduced a method to connect to several servers simultaneously years ago, when server weren’t so powerful like nowadays.

Like that, it now includes some features not included in other P2P clients. It is a good choice when filesharing videos, photos, docs or whatever.

If you think you have to change your P2P client, try MLDonkey, it will not disapoint you

In addition, it runs on Linux, Unix, Solaris, MacOSX, MorphOS and Windows
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